Consumer Beware

‚ÄčDon't use vets who practice on a rickety card table to the sound of a squeaking hamster wheel. No sober veterinarian with a shred of professionalism or self respect would stoop to that. These traveling Vet's second-rate vaccine is notoriously warm, and their exams are uselessly superficial.

They don't care about shot reactions, and they aren't prepared to help you if it happens. They're standing behind that table to 'get 'em in, and get 'em out' as fast as possible and move on before the county shows up to ask for their city business license and state veterinary license. Which according to ethicists at the University of Georgia, they seldom have.

These vets went to college for 8 years and earned a doctorate to travel around and work in a pet store. Wouldn't you love to know their story? I bet it comes down to money, and difficulties with steady employ in a legitimate practice.

The issues surrounding card table veterinarians and their licenses to practice in your state are hotly contested right now, but in the meantime, Shotvet continues to sling those needles.

They'll vaccinate for whatever you ask them for whether it's a legitimate risk or not. And they'll vaccinate any animal in front of them whether it's safe for the animal or not. They have no way of knowing your dog had an auto-immune disorder three years ago, and they have no idea if your pet requires a pre-med to avoid reactions.

And just WAIT til you need shot records for boarding in three months! You'll probably end up having to get a whole set of shots again just to prove your dog is up-to-date.

You can go to their 'online shot records' service right now to recover your shot records and guess what? It's down. Try it! is not affiliated with in any way, shape or form.